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Secondary Plastics

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Schmidt International is a supplier of recycled plastics from both post-consumer waste (PCR) and post-production waste (PIR). We help producers obtain secondary raw materials that can be used as supplements or, even better, replacements for primary (virgin) raw materials. In this way, we regulate the plastic waste flows and any surpluses from production processes.

Many production companies have little focus on secondary and reusable raw materials.

The use of primary (virgin) raw materials causes the finite raw material (oil) to run out. In addition, the earth has to deal with a surplus of plastic waste. This waste represents a value. We help companies to make the best use of this value and to limit the environmental impact of their activities.

Your partner in plastic recycling since 1992

Schmidt International BV was founded on 12 July 2019 by Joris Schmidt. But we have been active in the plastic recycling industry since 1992 starting from the company Handelsonderneming D.J. Schmidt, established by Dieter Schmidt.

Dieter Schmidt has been active in the plastic recycling industry since the mid-1980s. He is one of the pioneers in the recycling industry. In these years, he has set up several recycling companies. In the period 1988-1997, the recycling company already produced 11,000 tonnes of polypropylene recyclate per year. This was used directly in the plastic processing industry. His large network and knowledge in the field of material application and production processes is very valuable and has meanwhile become anchored in the current organisation.

When implementing our plans, our intentions are sincere, we show ambition and remain true to ourselves. Through our knowledge and network, we can perfectly demonstrate the advantage of our product.