It’s all in the details

Quality is the best business plan

We manage plastic waste streams and any surpluses from our supplier’s and customer’s production processes. By collecting these and preparing them for another product or processor. This requires that the form and purity of the material be brought to the desired level, so that the highest possible quality of end product can be achieved from these recycled materials.

To be able to validate this, we test and analyse the secondary raw materials and compare them with the requested specifications of our customers. These include specifications relating to technical properties, colour and smell. The shape of the material (e.g. flakes or granulate) is also part of the specification. On the base of these specifications, the formula for the composition and quality of the secondary raw material is determined and offered to the customer.

The first impression

Packaging (e.g. in big bags or a silo) is an important part of our quality.

The right packaging also determines optimum use in our customers’ processes. Consider the transport and storage facilities.

The right packaging also contributes to safety, order and cleanness, both for us and for our customers.